Published December 1, 2016

10 Best Coffee Shops in the City: 2016

1. Sam James Coffee Bar

Maybe I’m partial because I work here. BlogTO’s with me on this though, so you can’t say I’m far off base. Cut Coffee is roasted in Parkdale, and usually carries 3-4 single origins at any given time. If you aren’t impressed yet, I’ll have you know that the espresso blend tastes like a Butterfinger chocolate bar.

2. Boxcar Social

The guys here are professionals. Each dose of grinds is meticulously weighed out before being pressed into a puck, thus allowing for a consistent shot, guaranteed. You can order coffee flights too, which is pretty great.

3. Sorry Coffee Co.

This is the ONLY notable coffee shop in Yorkville. The baristas are sweet and the coffee is sweeter. Only reservation: coffee here is served solely in cardboard, so don’t expect porcelain unless you’re drinking your espresso straight.

4. Neo Coffee Bar

Beans are on a monthly rotation, so you’ll always be in for something new. They serve matcha, which is a plus, and Bruce is probably the best latte artist in the city. The dim lighting and industrial design makes this the perfect first-date café—just make sure to share your Japanese roll cake.

5. Tandem Coffee

While the coffee here is really great, I’d be hesitant to recommend it over their matcha and black sesame drinks. This is the only place you can get a black sesame cortado in Toronto. Don’t miss out.

6. Early Bird

Coffee here is great, and their pourover setup is pretty elaborate. That said, their Queen St. location attracts one too many laptop-toting coffee fanatics. Getting a seat can be difficult, and the environment just isn’t that lively. Visit if you want your cappuccino to go, or have a penchant for drinking on your feet.

7. Rooster Coffee House

The coffee is good, the baristas are experienced, and the tiling is perfect for Instagram. What’s not to love?

8. Dark Horse

A classic city staple, and the go-to coffee place if you’re in need of caffeine in Chinatown. Sam James used to manage here, and a good chunk of his employees migrated from here as well. Not particularly outstanding in terms of décor, but a cute spot and good cup nonetheless.

9. Fahrenheit Coffee

Coffee here is really good, but don’t come here expecting pictures. The owners are friendly and knowledgeable, and are always willing to answer any coffee-related questions.

10. ODIN Coffee

The design of this place is outstanding, the coffee is good, and they serve matcha. What’s missing? A sense of community, perhaps? If you live in the east end, I would highly recommend ODIN. Jumpstart the loyal following!


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