Published August 20, 2017

Interview: Sanctuary in the County

Hey Tara. First things first: I'm in love with your space. Was Sanctuary in the County your first large-scale endeavour in interior design?

The Sanctuary was definitely my first large-scale endeavour. Truthfully I had planned to work with a designer, but she didn’t have space in her schedule until months from now. So I decided to dive in head-first and hope for the best! I am thrilled by how it turned out!

You've obviously got a lot of talent. Do you have a formal background in interior design?

I absolutely have no formal background in interior design!

Where do you typically begin when designing a space? Are there any specific pieces you buy first?

I started with my design plan by thinking about how I wanted people to feel when they were in the space, and what I wanted them to remember when they left the space. I wanted people to feel relaxed, cozy, and free. I wanted them to consider self-care when they were in the space. When I chose a feeling, I followed by choosing a colour story - brass, grey, white, and black mixed with the natural (original) floors in the church. Once those two aspects were decided the search for furnishing began!

Where do you find creative inspiration?

I find creative inspiration in the home itself, and the people who dwell within it. The church was made with stressed out city-dwellers in mind. I wanted them to almost feel under-stimulated by the space, but still inspired. My home (the sunday school) is inspired by my son, and his love of primary colours. Future projects will be inspired by the souls who make the space a home.

How does your background in photography influence your other creative pursuits?

I am acutely colour- and light-aware because of my background in photography! The Sanctuary needed a major paint refresher when I purchased it, but a little coat of white paint made the space beyond perfect for photos!

Any upcoming projects?

I always have something up my sleeve! I’m thinking about a little cottage renovation, or re-doing my Toronto studio. Maybe both :)

Thanks Tara!

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