Published March 10, 2016

The Quarter Life Crisis

You’ve been there. Your heart starts to race; your palms start to sweat: is the barista oversteaming your cortado milk? Is that TWO PERCENT?

Ha ha. So we twenty-something North Americans don’t have a ton to worry about. The bulk of us have our primary, secondary, and tertiary needs attended to, but that doesn’t negate the occasional bout of millennial nihilism. With so much competition for employment and ever-increasing industry standards, it’s not uncommon to get overwhelmed at times. You may want to quit school, move back in with your parents, and/or shred your tax forms—and while 2/3 of those are valid options, sometimes you just need to slow down. Here are some go-to exercises for when you just need to reset.

1. Set yourself a reward for when you finish the following instructions.

Sign up for a yoga class, or treat yourself to a Champagne Mami from Sweet Jesus.

2. Look at your surroundings.

If your life looks anything like mine, your living space is small and your private living space is even smaller. Focus on a space that is totally yours, and clean up a small part of it. What’s that pile on your floor? How long has that been there? Is that a bug or… a really large clump of hair? Regardless, physical disorder can provoke its mental counterpart. Sweep, wipe, and swiff your worries away, and then you’ll have more mental space to address the real ones.

3. Write down three small tasks you can do in fifteen minutes or under, and then do them.

Take out the trash. Replace the trashbags. Run the dishwasher. Done!

4. Write down the most pressing task on your plate. Start it.

You don’t have to finish the essay, file the taxes, or reply to all the emails. Even if only you get five minutes in, that’s five better than nothing—plus, it’s much easier to continue a task once you’ve already begun. My mother always told me not to underestimate the power of “might as well.” If you’re in the shower, you might as well wash your hair. If you’re 1000 words into an essay, you might as well write another 250. Wherever you are, push a little further.

5. Drink a glass of water.

You’re probably dehydrated.

6. Open your closet.

Make a pile of everything you haven’t worn in the past month, with the exception of formalwear and weather-specific clothing. Tie it up and bring it to Kind Exchange for a reward, or donate it to Value Village for a discount on your next purchase.

7. Prepare breakfast for the following day.

Overnight oats are your best friend. Layer your ingredients in a medium-sized mason jar and you have yourself tomorrow’s Instagram, as well!

8. Treat yourself.

You deserve it! Re: Sweet Jesus—pics or it didn’t happen. I mean, are you even a Torontonian without that teal wall featured on your feed? Just kidding, kind of.

As always, tag me in your adventures and don’t be afraid to reach out!


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